Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Another man has joined the crusade after Justin Bieber has insulted Islam

I am proud to say that another noble brother has joined the cause. Mr Trend has created a blog at http://bieber-bashes-islam.blogspot.com/ which details some of this young idol's catastrophic anti-muslim sentiment. I suggest we burn this young infidel's compact discs. I've heard that some of his discs actually have Danish cartoons in the sleeve notes!

Daily Star

This was posted on the website of the British tabloid the Daily Star:-

"Teen sensation Justin Bieber is reported to have criticised Islam, a CBS reporter told us today.
"Why can't Islam be accepting of other people, like Christianity and Judaism?"

The news comes amid fears that Bieber's previous openly religious tendencies will provoke some sort of reaction from extremist Muslim groups."

The Canadian born teen sensation went on to state that he often becomes worried of possible bombings or hostage situations on his tours.
"You can never be too safe", he notes, "There are some crazy people out there with a lot of anger in their hearts."

Now Justin Bieber says Christianity is more peaceful than Islam!


Justin Bieber has reportedly said that Christianity is more peaceful than Islam! Behead those who say that Islam is not a religion of peace!

Justin Bieber Bashes Islam

I can't believe that Justin Bieber has insulted Islam! If the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were here he'd know what to do. Behead Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber has bashed Islam and must pay. What did he do you ask? He threw a water bottle which hit a young muslim fan in the face. Clearly he is representative of the great satan and as Justin Bieber has insulted Islam I suggest that we let the world know!